01Enhancing the future of world-class
structures through galvanising

Comprehensive & professional galvanising services.

The hot dip galvanising facilities we have on site are second to none. Through galvanisation, we can protect your steel and give it exceptional durability that will last decades without extra remedial work. We are experts at galvanising commercial fabrications for industry and in many instances offer turnaround within a 24-hour timeframe. Wherever you are based in the UK, we collect and deliver regularly nationwide so please get in touch for details and pricing.

Depending on environmental conditions, your steel could be protected for over 85 years with a galvanised coating.

What is hot dip galvanising?

Hot dip galvanisation is a process where cleaned steel is immersed in a bath of molten zinc, creating layers of zinc-iron alloy which provide an extremely durable protective coating. The galvanised coating becomes metallurgically bonded to the steel to provide barrier protection against the elements. As zinc corrodes in preference to steel, it sacrifices itself to protect the steel beneath, and also has self-healing properties that make it more beneficial than a standard paint coating. Hot dip galvanising lasts substantially longer than electroplated galvanisation and will coat both internal and external surfaces.

What are the benefits of hot dip galvanising?

01 Enhancing the future of world-class
structures through galvanising

  • Protects steel for decades

    Depending on the thickness of the coating and atmospheric conditions, hot dip galvanising can protect steel between 30 – 170 years.

  • Champions sustainability

    Galvanising is all about preserving the resources we have. It offers considerable protection against rust through a relatively low energy process.

  • Has a circular economy of materials

    Galvanised steel is easy to recoat, reuse or recycle. It can be used over and over again, and the zinc can even be returned to zinc production plants without loss of properties.

  • Zinc has self-healing properties

    When zinc corrodes, the products from this process precipitate and create a barrier on the surface of the exposed steel, helping to protect it further.

  • Exceptionally cost effective

    Though the initial price may be higher than coatings like paint, its outstanding durability means that galvanising pays for itself over time because it requires less upkeep.

  • Provides superb protection against wear

    When zinc bonds to steel, it creates a shock-absorbing buffer to protect it from impacts. The zinc-iron alloys beneath can also be harder than the steel itself.

Our galvanising facilities

Before galvanising your steel, we ensure it is rigorously cleaned and degreased beforehand, then treated in hydrochloric acid to remove rust and mill scale. Your steel will then be fluxed, galvanised, then finally sent through a post-treatment finishing process that includes quenching and fettling. Depending on the scale of the project, we can often provide turnaround within 24 hours.

We work to BS EN ISO 1461:2022 standards to deliver the highest quality coatings for our customers.

LGPC caters to fabrications of all sizes, from smaller machine parts, to domestic fencing, to commercial-scale balustrades. This also includes specialist one-off pieces, such as metal sculptural structures that need additional protection outdoors. Whatever scope you’re working with, contact us directly to find out how we can help.

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Corrosion Map

This map provides data for the atmospheric corrosion rate of hot dip galvanising. Search for a location and hover over the 10 km grid to obtain the corrosion rate. The map legend can be used to find the average life of an 85 µm coating within the area.

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