01Thinking long term with concern for
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Our Social Values

Corporate social responsibility.

We are proud benefactors of Yorkshire Children’s Charity, which assists young people in poverty and with disabilities; and Leeds Community Foundation, an organisation that provides grants to local community groups.

Working with Yorkshire Children’s Charity

In assisting YCC with their work, we’re helping them to give Yorkshire’s most disadvantaged children, families and schools an important lifeline. Their initiatives include The School Network, where volunteers work with schools to establish the number of children without access to a winter coat or winter shoes and addressing those needs to improve lives. They also make grants available for wheelchairs and specialist equipment, supporting families in financial crisis through an easy to navigate service.

Supporting Leeds Community Foundation

Our Leeds Community Foundation Membership helps them to create positive change in the local area by funding voluntary groups and initiatives. These grants help to open up more services, skills and education to marginalised communities and remove boundaries to social mobility. Leeds Community Foundation also provides resources for grassroots charities to help them reach their full potential. As a Leeds-based employer, it’s been exceptionally fulfilling to see the important work of the foundation bear fruit to nurture the talent and skills of groups in the locality. Through supporting their efforts, we’re able to spread our own ideals for a fairer, more inclusive society where everyone is helped to move forwards and achieve.

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