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Our History

In essence, galvanising is about preservation.

The steel structures, monuments, bridges and artworks we galvanise today will likely still be standing strong in 100 years’ time, providing reliable service for the generations that follow.

The lasting legacy of Albion Works

The site of our plant, Albion Works, has been used in the production of machining and metalwork since 1859.

Albion Works was also the site where some of the first torpedoes were built for the Royal Navy.

Albion works was built by Greenwood & Batley, the company quickly established Leeds as a powerhouse of industry, manufacturing armaments, printing presses, milling machinery, trams and locomotives, and even assisted in the repair of Leeds town hall clock.

Though the heyday of Greenwood & Batley came to a close, it cemented Albion Works as a renowned hub for British industry and paved the way for LGPC to build on the area’s already considerable reputation.

Galvanising and refurbishment services

Galvanising has the power to bring history into the now, preserving it for decades and even centuries to come. We have assisted in a number of refurbishment and restoration projects for our customers, including Victorian ornate fencing, classic car chassis and antique machine parts. The end-to-end service we offer at LGPC means that we can strip back years of rust and add protective finishes to bring historical pieces back to their original state of quality – or even improve on it. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your project.

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Galvanising itself is hugely sustainable as a process, but more so with LGPC.

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