About Us

About Leeds Galvanising & Powder Coating Ltd.

Founded over 15 years ago, we have grown from one of the smallest galvanisers in the country to the largest galvanising and powder coating plant in the North of England. We utilise the latest materials handling systems and technology to ensure the highest quality and efficient processing results.

Identifying the increased need for a combined galvanising and powder-coating service, our company opened its new facility in January 2004. We also have built a second powder coating plant to specifically coat large items increasing the efficiency of our main coating plant. Our company has undertaken a wide variety of galvanising and powder coating projects including fencing, balconies, ornate ironwork and construction steelwork.

LGPC finishes can be seen all over the country and have even provided trusted service as far as the north pole.

Years of experience in the industry have forged us into the metal treatment experts we are today and we offer a high-specification, professional service for customers throughout the UK.

Our History

Yorkshire industrial heritage runs deep at LGPC. Our plant is located on the original site used to make the first torpedoes for the royal navy, and decades later, would become the same factory where the owner of LGPC made his first foray into the metalwork industry.

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Meet the team

Get to know the names and faces behind LGPC. We’re a close-knit team of experts dedicated to delivering exceptional service.

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Our Culture & Values

Trusted Partnerships

At LGPC, our customer partnerships are paramount. We have built our reputation on providing a trusted, professional service that our customers have come to rely on time and again. It’s this integrity and trust that has made us one of the leading galvanisers in the UK.

Innovation & Investment

We are also not content to rest on our laurels. Innovation is where we excel, and we are always striving to both improve the quality of our service and promote economically and environmentally sustainable methods of industry. This is why we’ve invested extensively in our own equipment to reduce energy consumption, while at the same time ensuring we continue to offer the same level of quality.

Our Social Values

Supporting our community is something that we feel is increasingly necessary as a responsible business. We are proud supporters of Leeds Community Foundation, an organisation that creates new opportunities for skill development and education; and Yorkshire Children’s Charity, which provides vital resources to vulnerable children and families.

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Galvanising itself is hugely sustainable as a process, but more so with LGPC. We’ve invested in the very best technology to minimise energy usage and maximise efficiency.

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Accreditations & Affiliations

Quality is in everything we do. We are accredited by a number of the industry’s leading authorities to ensure our finishes meet the highest standards.

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Our Brochure

Browse our comprehensive range of services at your leisure with our downloadable brochure. Discover more about LGPC and what makes us the best in the industry.

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