01Enhancing the future of world-class
structures through shot blasting
Shot Blasting

Shot-blasting & blast cleaning services with nationwide reach.

At LGPC, we use state-of-the-art equipment to provide both automated and hand-blasting services. Whether you require large-scale commercial blasting or need to prepare machine parts and components, our knowledgeable team can provide you with guidance and advice on the best process for your project. Our transport fleet collects and delivers regularly across the whole of the UK, so get in touch with us directly for more details.

Our shot-blasting team are experts at preparing steel and ironwork of all sizes, ensuring top quality, professional results.

What is shot-blasting?

Shot-blasting is a process of abrasive cleaning where small particles, like steel grit or garnet, are fired against an object to remove any unwanted coatings or contaminants from the surface. It is a highly effective way to prepare a surface for further applications because it can remove oxides and old coatings, whilst also helping to smooth out rough areas to promote adhesion. Shot-blasting is the natural first step before galvanising and powder-coating as it ensures the very best results and a uniform finish.

What are the benefits of shot-blasting?

01 Enhancing the future of world-class
structures through shot blasting

  • Removes rust and scale

  • Can increase surface strength of the material

  • Efficient, chemical-free process

  • Deburrs and smooths out surfaces

  • Prepares surfaces for further coatings

  • Restores items to their original state

Our shot-blasting facilities

LGPC operate a roller conveyor wheel blasting machine, and a shot blast room, designed to facilitate the processing of a variety of materials. It provides a complete cleaning solution, removing corrosion, paint rust and heat scale from sheet and profile material.

We work to BS EN ISO 8501-1 which is a pictorial standard relating to surface cleanliness through abrasive blasting.