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structures through galvanising

Fettling galvanised metal for the optimum finish.

After the galvanising process, we fettle your steel so that any zinc deposits, lumps and drips are removed, ensuring it has a smooth surface. Our professional team has the skill and equipment to remove imperfections and prepare your metalwork for powder coating. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail during this stage because we understand the importance of a pristine finish for our customers. This is why all steel is thoroughly inspected by our team after fettling.

As a full-service galvanising provider, we fettle metalwork to the highest standard to produce finishes with optimum performance

What is fettling?

Fettling happens after steel has been hot dip galvanised and involves smoothing, cleaning and conditioning the metal to fulfil aesthetic and functional requirements. Molten zinc naturally has a tendency to run and can create run-off patterns as it cools. Though these inclusions will not be detrimental to the performance of the coating, they must be treated, especially if another application (e.g. powder coating) is required for the topmost finish.

How we fettle your galvanised steel

As zinc runs it could interfere with the intended use of your material, any lumps, globules, projections or heavy deposits are removed using angle grinders to ensure a successful finish. This is essential if your steel will go on to be powder coated as it promotes superior adhesion. By offering all of these services in-house, we can ensure quality control throughout the entire process, from cleaning, to galvanising, to fettling and then, finally, powder coating.